We are passionate
about equity

We are on a mission to help not-for-profits build equity into organizations, systems, and communities. 

Our story

Connect2Knowledge was founded on the belief that not-for-profits can influence systems towards complex equity goals like inclusive communities, wellness, and affordable quality housing. 

Our work is guided by three principles.

1. Collective responsibility starts at home

The C2K team builds our connections to each other by regularly making space for hard conversations about equity and the impacts of inequities on our communities. When we take on a project, we don’t just support your team, we join it. By connecting to your community we do better work.

2. Connection builds community

The C2K team regularly engages in conversation about how we can have impact. We hire from the communities our clients serve. And offer meaningful work, mentorship, and professional development opportunities. 

We sponsor by and for initiatives. For example in the past we have sponsored Saefty’s MeFund. Got an initiative in mind? Contact us!

3. Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat

We value the learning process, recognizing that every attempt, whether successful or not, brings invaluable lessons for future endeavours.

We apply this to C2K - from continually improving on our Equity Nexus Framework. To the projects we take on - because things never go as planned and that is part of the fun.

What we believe in 

Results oriented

We prioritize outcomes, ensuring every effort drives meaningful impact towards your equity goals.

Embrace change

We welcome evolution, understanding that adaptability is key to navigating the ever-shifting landscape of equity work.


We believe in collaborative efforts, ensuring all voices are heard and integrated to craft solutions that resonate with everyone.


We approach our work with an open heart and mind, always ready to listen, learn, and acknowledge the expertise and experiences of others

Our team

We are a team of thinkers, problem solvers and change makers.

A headshot of Natalie Duchesne
Natalie Duchesne (she/her)

Natalie is a highly adaptable and values-oriented professional who has been working with not-for-profits for over a decade. She is passionate about all things equity and founded C2K with the humble hope of contributing to a better world. When she's not serving clients or teaching gender studies, you will find her enjoying the outdoors.

A headshot of Christine Chesser
Christine Chesser (she/her)
Project and administrative coordinator

Christine is a veteran administrator, entrepreneur, and artist that has focused on maintaining financial and organizational excellence in the non profit sector. As the project and admin coordinator at C2K she is responsible for client experience, success and optimizing the management of client projects. She is a strong advocate for de-stigmatization around mental health issues.

A headshot of Blue Petties
Blue Petties (she/her)
Project and communications coordinator

As a project coordinator, Blue contributes to a wide variety of projects. She is currently pursuing a degree in music at University of Ottawa. Blue is passionate about advocating for queer and trans communities, in particular marginalized and racialized people, in a respectful and responsible way.

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